Fuel Espresso - Our Speciality
Espresso Specialists

Consistently fine espresso is rare.

Like fine wine, quality is created by many factors.

The terroir of the coffee estate or vineyard – the soil and weather that make the fruit.

The environment of the roasting house or winery that dictates how the roaster and winemaker work, their delicate control of the aging process and the palate that guides their blends.

In the case of coffee there's an additional stage, the craft of the barista at the espresso machine.

We specialise in espresso-based drinks because we believe the expression of one of the most complex aromatics known to man requires our singular focus.

An artful science

Our baristas have the hands and eyes of an artist with the analytical brain of a scientist. As they make espresso they control multiple factors – water temperature, water pressure, grind coarseness, coffee dosage and compaction.

Each factor is impacted throughout a day by constantly changing air pressure, humidity, water temperature and the expansion and contraction of machinery as it heats and cools.

The chemistry of water

Consistent water quality that brings out the best in a coffee is a vital base ingredient to espresso.

We analysed the water profile which best matches our blends and created a complex filtration and remineralisation water system to ensure unwavering water quality and consistency in all of our bars.

Only the best
gets through

All day our baristas make constant delicate adjustments to each of the variable factors in the espresso process to ensure every espresso they make is as close to perfect as possible.

Of course, like any handmade product, perfection is not possible every time. So don’t be surprised to see our baristas reject up to one in four of the espresso shots they make as they apply Fuel Espresso’s stringent quality standards, which we have always aimed to make the highest in the global coffee industry.